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Onnet Consulting (VAT: 0108816890) is the 1st Odoo Gold Partner in Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Germany and Japan

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History and Breakthrough


Onnet Consulting was established in Kuala Lumpur by Mr. Liew Chew Keat with Cari Internet, Malaysia's first search engine. 


AHT TECH JSC is a premium software development corporation based in Hanoi, Vietnam and a global network of sub companies in Japan, the US and Sweden.


Onnet Consulting transforms its operating model to consulting and deploying software solutions on the Cloud platform, is one of the first official partners of Odoo in the Asia Pacific market.


Onnet Consulting was established based on the collaboration between Onnet Consulting and AHT Tech JSC.

Mission & Vision​

Onnet Consulting Vietnam was established based on the collaboration between Onnet Consulting and AHT Tech JSC, with the mission of helping small and medium enterprises in all industries in Vietnam develop and be more successful through improving efficiency and processes, as well as achieve great value with a range of great ERP solutions at a reasonable cost.

Core Value​

With the motto "Customers are the principle of every activity", the desire of all Onnet's members is to guarantee rightful benefits for our clients. We perceives dedication, empathy, loyalty and commitment as the fundamental elements for Onnet to leave customers having been doing business with Onnet with an excellent impression.

Customers and Partners
Assist customers in lowering their average operating costs.
 Influence based on the number of cities

 Leadership Board

Daniel Kek 

CEO, Onnet Consulting Malaysia

Mr. Daniel had worked at Intel for over ten years before joining Onnet in 2006. Daniel has successfully transformed Onnet from a hosting provider to a regional leader in the digital transformation consulting in Malaysia and the region of Southeast Asia..

Eric Kek 

COO, Onnet Consulting Malaysia

Mr. Eric has 14 years of management experience at Intel, has successfully operated and led Onnet. Every year, the number of Onnet's loyal customers grows at an exponential rate.

Nicole Khor 

CTO, Onnet Consulting Malaysia

Ms. Nicole has over 15 years of IT training experiences working for Intel, Flextronics, Sony, Osram, Renesas, Philips and other multinational corporations. She understands software architectures well to be a reliable advisor.

Martin Nguyen 

Chairman & CEO, AHT TECH JSC 

Mr. Martin Nguyen has over 15 years of experiences managing and operating a leading technology business in Vietnam. He truly understands the needs of each customer as well as the leading technologies being used around the world to solve all of the problems that customers face.

Andrew Quach 

CEO, Onnet Consulting Vietnam

Mr. Andrew won the Sao Khue Award in 2016 with the multi-channel sales management application platform iZiSell, which is built on Odoo. He has more than 12 years of experience consulting and implementing digital transformation projects in Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries.

Antoine Nguyen 

COO, Onnet Consulting Vietnam

Mr. Antoine has nearly 11 years of experience in CRM, ERP, and e-Commerce consulting and implementation in Vietnam, Europe, America and Australia.​

Rocky Nguyen 

CCO, Onnet Consulting Vietnam

Mr. Rocky has over 9 years of experience as chief accountant of many different industrial units such as Truong Son, Hanshin, Thu Cuc, Dong A Pharmacy, Kangaroo, Baan and Sapo are a few examples.​

Long Duong 

CTO, Onnet Consulting Vietnam

Mr. Long has nearly 7 years of experience building large-scale Odoo ERP solution architecture for many large, complex and high-availability enterprises on multi-servers.

 Business Advisors

Tạ Thị Thanh Thúy 

Senior Management Systems Advisor 

Mr. Thuy has more than 15 years of experiences in financial and accounting management, as well as system development in businesses. She also has many years of experience leading functional departments in the implementation of ERP systems in manufacturing and trading companies, as well as consulting on lean management for SMEs.

Võ Anh Minh 

Senior Solution Advisor

Nhiều năm kinh nghiệm trong lĩnh vực kiểm toán, kế toán quản trị, tài chính, tư vấn, tái cấu trúc doanh nghiệp & chuyển đổi số, triển khai hệ thống thông tin quản lý cho các doanh nghiệp hàng đầu Việt Nam như: Kim Tín Group, Tập đoàn Tân Thanh Container, Công ty Cổ phần nhựa Duy Tân, Công ty Cổ phần Nguồn nhân lực Siêu Việt, Tập đoàn Thành Công - TC Motor VN.

Why is Onnet different from others?​

Unlike traditional consulting units, Onnet is deeply involved with you in developing and implementing new systems, training in technology transfer so that you can continue after the consulting period is over.

With a team of experts from many countries around the world, with experience and multi-disciplinary expertise will help give businesses a comprehensive, holistic view that is feasible for innovation.

Onnet's Odoo implementation methodology has been applied to businesses in the region since 2014 and as such, we understand better than anyone the local cultural challenges of implementing the digital transformation.


Strategy consultation for digital transformation

The assessment of the following factors is part of the digital transformation consulting strategy: innovation in the business context, innovation vision, innovation goals, portfolio, implementation plan, resources and budget, business structure, culture, values, and ecosystem.



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