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Odoo Roadshow 2022 has returned to Vietnam

Odoo Roadshow will return to Vietnam with two events in Hanoi (July 26, 2022) and Ho Chi Minh City (July 28, 2022) after a two-year hiatus owing to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Odoo Vietnam Roadshow 2022 is an opportunity for business owners, technology directors, digital transformation departments, information technology experts, and service providers to learn more about Odoo business management solutions by upgrading to Odoo 15..

Mr. Andrew Quach (CEO of Onnet Consulting) will speak at both events, sharing practical experiences in running a business effectively with Odoo through success stories from Onnet Consulting customers.


Onnet and IBM offers a total enterprise management software solution to Vietnamese enterprises.

A successful ERP system deployment is a key step for organizations to thrive sustainably in the age of digital transformation. This process will be made easier by selecting the appropriate solution and infrastructure.

Onnet Consulting, in partnership with IBM Vietnam and Odoo, held an event called "Implementing an open source Odoo ERP system" to introduce the Odoo Enterprise 15 software package, which has excellent server, storage, and storage features. IBM infrastructure hosting and complete package deployment of business administration applications.


How COVID-19 accelerate the digitisation of a distribution company?

Many studies show that COVID-19 has aided in the digital transformation and application of information technology in enterprise business activities. Furthermore, this change will not come to an end and will continue to evolve in the future.

NTP-TECH JSC, a company that distributes mother-care products, has been able to sustain business operations and boost sales as a result of implementing digital transformation during the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam.


Odoo officially launched Odoo Enterprise 15 through Odoo Experience 2021

Odoo Enterprise 15, releasing in early October 2021, includes more than 200 core applications. Odoo 15 is expecting positive responses from official partners and enterprises who have trusted Odoo. Every year, the upgraded versions of Odoo offer more features and utilities to support users, as part of the commitment to follow the growth of the business. Odoo Enterprise 15 is regarded as having the most beautiful and intuitive user interface software in the market.


 Companies transformed using Odoo

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All applications are completely integrated and simple to use on browsers and mobile devices.

If your company is having any of the issues listed below:

  Data is dispersed across many different softwares, making centralized reporting and data homogenization difficult.

  The system is heavily reliant on human operations, which results in high operating costs and risks..

  Because of the many various channels of communication used in the organization, communication is inconsistent and difficult to govern.

  Because of the many various channels of communication used in the organization, communication is inconsistent and difficult to govern..

 Implementing complete ERP software for your whole organization can be a solution.

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Odoo Success Stories

Odoo Success Stories

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Odoo Enterprise 15 Library

Odoo Enterprise 15 Library

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