The ERP Solutions for Retail & Distribution Industry

The ERP Solutions for Retail & Distribution Industry 

Odoo is an ERP solution for retail and distribution built to optimize cost of sales, inventory management, human resource management and customer care.  

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Challenges in the industry retail & distribution 

 Fierce competition comes from domestic rivals and when foreign giants enter the market.

Delay when important business decisions because of lack of timely information.

Difficulty in building optimal processes, reducing operating costs. 

 Difficult to control the quantity, category, and characteristics of goods when the quantity of goods is huge and the circulation process is complex and cumbersome.  

 Difficulty in synchronizing information and data throughout all branch stores, online and offline channels, building a synchronous experience for customers.

Industry management retail & distribution with Odoo solution  

Inventory management 

Inventory management 

Monitor import/export/inventory activities and goods movement between warehouses/stores. Manage goods by barcode, series, expiry date. etc.



Unify information on leads, opportunities, customers, combine multi-channel sales plans.  

Purchase Management​

Purchase Management​

Handles all purchases of raw materials for production, equipment, and other items.  

Sales Management 

Sales Management 

Integrate retail management POS, in-store sales program on the entire system. Smart payment integration. 

Tự động hóa marketing

Marketing Automation 

Marketing tool system that integrates Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social to easily deploy promotions  

Customer Support 

Customer Support 

Effective customer care and management support. Decentralize customers and manage feedback, support requests from customers.  

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Effective human resource management from job posting, recruitment, shift management, task allocation, timekeeping management, time off management, evaluation and salary payment.

 Finance Management

Finance Management

 Manage all accounting/financial activities. Profit and loss analysis by industry, region, supplier, customer group, branch.

Strategic Partners​

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Success Story:

AM PM Pharmacy

Established in 2002 in Kulai town, Johor. AM PM Pharmacy has grown to over 200 employees with 35 stores and is still growing, looking forward to expanding its presence across Malaysia and the region. 

Despite having offices and branches in every part of Malaysia, AM PM currently uses a decentralized system which leads to a lot of duplication of work, difficulties in checking and merging data.  

With all the urgent needs mentioned above, leaders of AM PM Pharmacy decided to choose Odoo to solve all problems.

Odoo has helped the management team to fully control the stores in the chain effectively and easily, saving time, human resources and reducing the loss of goods to the lowest level. 

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Retail & distribution businesses successfully digital transformation with Odoo solutions 

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of businesses in the retail and distribution industry  

Hàng tiêu dùng
Consumer goods

Thời trang may mặc
Thuốc, dược phẩm

 Nội thất, gia dụng
Furniture, household appliances

Nông sản, thực phẩm
Agricultural products and foods  
Building materials<br/><br/>&amp;nbsp;
Building materials

Hoa, quà tặng
Flowers, gifts 
 Mẹ và bé
 Mother and baby 
Sách & văn phòng phẩm
Books & stationery 
Electronics, phones &amp;nbsp;
Electronics, phones  
Mỹ phẩm, làm đẹp